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Windshield Racks

Windshield racks from Abi Auto Parts are always offered at competitive prices. With special security features, such as safety foam and finger locks, our sturdy auto glass rack selection includes auto glass windshield racks that hold 5, 9, and 15 windshields, ideal for auto glass shops of any size!

About Windshield Racks

Auto technicians understand the importance of a stable, robust windshield glass rack. In fact, without a rack, windshield repair shops cannot operate, as there are no substitutes for an auto glass tool that will keep windshields secure. 

The primary use of a windshield rack is to safely transport the glass via truck beds. However, many auto professionals will also hold a new windshield using the rack, while concurrently repairing a damaged windshield.

Windshield racks vary by their number of slots. A slot is one space for holding one glass piece. A 5 slot windshield rack, or 5-lite rack, has five spaces available for five auto glass pieces. Similarly, a 9-lite auto glass rack has nine spaces, while a 15-lite auto glass rack has 15 spaces.

How to Buy a Windshield Rack

When purchasing a windshield glass rack, look for these security features:

- Safety foam that protects the glass and absorbs shock.
- Finger locks that prevent windshield glass from falling out. 
- Rubber strips on the bottom of the auto glass rack that reduce friction
   and minimize slippage when the glass is in transit. 

    For your convenience, our windshield glass racks offer these safety features. Buy with confidence and rest assured that your windshield glass is secure.

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