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15-lite Windshield Rack for Auto Glass

15-lite Windshield Rack for Auto Glass

  • $400.00

This durable 15-lite Windshield Rack is constructed with special iron posts covered in a foam padding to keep windshield glass safe. Posts are topped with a finger lock for securing the windshield. Made for medium-sized shops, this large stationary auto glass rack holds up to 15 windshields. A powerful addition to large glass warehouses or auto glass shops, this 15-lite windshield rack is ideal for many auto glass needs. With our competitive prices, large glass shops cannot afford to miss this opportunity!

Product Features:
- Safely stores windshields.
- A great addition to growing auto-glass shops.
- Rack holds up to 15 windshields.
- Posts and base are constructed from iron.
- Posts are covered in foam to minimize windshield damage.
- Each post is topped with a rubber finger lock to prevent the windshield from slipping.

Product Details:
- Length: 45"
- Width: 30"
- Height: 23"
- Weight: 80lbs
- Capacity: 15 slots

If you manage a small auto glass shop, you may consider our 5 slot windshield racks or 9 slot windshield racks instead. Navigate back to the windshield rack product page, or explore other auto glass tools.

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